Monday, April 25, 2005

RichTherrn's Blogs Galore

This blog entry... Basically it points to all the blogs I have set up. I still haven't decided which one to stay with.
First: My Pages for my Physics Students:
Mr. Therrien's Physics Class Home Page
RichTherrn's Physics Class blog
Physics Class Atom/RSS Feed

My Own Home Pages/Blogs next:

Richard Therrien Home Page
RichTherrn'@ Blogger (BlogSpot)
RichTherrn @
RichTherrn @ LiveJournal
RichTherrn @ Bloglines
RichTherrn @ Xanga Site
RichTherrn @ BlogSite
RichTherrn @ egoweblog
RichTherrn @ ModBlog

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RichTherrn's Atom/RSS Feed

My own feeds from blogrolling
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Friday, April 22, 2005

Mr. Therrien's Physics Class Home Page